Spring of this year can not wait.

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Spring of this year can not wait.

Coming of spring is slower month and more than 1 year than usual.

And I just though it is a time when daffodils are in bloom again if previous years, crocus flowers began to bloom Yoyatto now.

The Even the same as the spring home of Sapporo, the falling snow dance out of season is flickering intention severe coldness further to the north wind here I wonder because of the year.

I heard a story that says the cost of heating is also different from 100 euros a month in the cold followed in drops, but would not a lie altogether bad.

Feeling softens the hot sun after a long time.

Why do not you come out for a walk and take off one piece of sweater under down the plunge and because of a late even March, as opposed to a color of the sky to look from the window of the room, the outside air is cold To tingle again.

But nature makes me feel the beginning of a new love in here and there.

In terms of male birds 3 and 4, from walking about the toddler after the duck of one female birds, nesting season when he came soon, and thus looking at pleasing feeling.

Find me walking in the evening stroll, and came by bicycle ankh is in a hurry.

It says he was supposed to come back the physical condition of the daughter went on a trip to Mexico because of an abrupt change.

Anamiku daughter is 42 years old, Whirlpool’s a 12-year-old unmarried, but do not know what was what kind of upbringing, but are living on welfare. Switched to pensioners now also ankh mother, but until then he had been living on welfare. Perhaps the situation was that can not help on welfare by the divorce her, but the daughter ‘s say you’ve never got a job that was neat even once.

To say that even though the welfare, the difference basically Japan and the person is not found in the white eye. That there is in this country foundation that can live in the sense that say those who are paid as much as a matter of course.

It would be to say that there is no trouble at all and even if I go to foreign travel, even if it welfare is a bigger difference.

If it is happening in Japan, you get a big deal in what it, it would have been written in big newspaper.

And such as has become a heat stroke in a situation where even cooler is not attached even hot, and amassed just one million yen Truncate the meals to your funeral bill is found, to stop the pension from the people of welfare such as had been. Have read that kind of article.

Too, too, do not be stingy. Tears would come out Painfully too.

Rather than work on the lookout for such a thing, I want you to do a good job towards another more.

What a In Japan, when you travel abroad with me a life protection thing! . And since He has received the protection of tax in the country, it is natural it seems, Shiorashiku,’s head bowed in everything. And, it is probably a way of thinking of Japanese General to say.

I regret very much.

Why, I do not know is how become the idea that that person is like a person, humble, in an attempt to enjoy life in that may be of the people, take away even such freedom is combined with welfare.

I think this is a major problem of poverty politics invited.

Anamiku had of went to Mexico travel while you are receiving chemotherapy for liver cancer and breast cancer from the beginning of January.

It also or not a great story. Although I think if the person himself, the doctor who allow it and also a doctor.

Of course, to say that he had got his paralyzed limbs swollen Become a second day after arriving in Mexico.

Ankh to speak in tears also feel sorry, but bad at best, this country or not in their own country for the ankh.

Now that you have that kind of talk to foreigners like me, even though supposed to not stand any good offer much because’s a me one step two steps also the idea to medical care in the Netherlands also would grind.

However, just the feeling of ankh wonder lightened a little just to appease to hear that in sympathy.

Japan just is not you’re coming now, “people isolated socialization” to.

Me of the alien, I met Dutch you want to hit the chest of his own painful is not the first this.

I think the real intention, and probably a place “people person” and.

However, when you see thinking to replace the Japanese this, would not the hard to believe the other party is just a foreigner, conversation would choose to, anyway, and would not understand the other party .

Japanese, may refute me “.’m That guy insularism” Because it is an island nation to say so, but I think it’s different.

Even in the same island nation, was not the kind of thinking never friends who I met in the UK.

I think they also,’s people to cherish most ties and “people to people” again.

There will be objections, but I have the impression that people who feel things British is close to the sensitivity of most Japanese in the national character I met until now.

The thing I have to think so from links with the British, which has been cultivated so far and the experience and opinion of me personally the last course.

I think Dutch that’s quite far from the racial sensitivity of Japanese and vice versa. This also might be my personal opinion.

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