A simple word search puzzle

This tool proves to me many years of good service in resolving the Scryptogram the NRC. I now put it (October 2003), but even on the Web. Maybe someone has something.

Download the program and unzip it. In Windows 95/98 you before an unzip program like Winzip. In Windows XP, the unzip function built; ‘open’ the file is sufficient.

Start by typing “cheat” the program. Type for the unknown letters of the word you one point. Type known letters in the place where they belong. NB the ‘ij’ type y. Press ENTER. To stop the program, type Control-C.

The. EXE file runs in a DOS screen under Windows.

For Linux, you must compile the program itself (the – very simple – source code is attached):

cc-o cheat spiek.c
The program is started in Linux by typing . / cheat .

The included glossary (from the Linux program ispell), is based on the “Green Book 1996. Ij is replaced by y and all the accents are removed.

Part of the reason I share coding advice with you is so you can keep your information safe. You can ensure your financial information is safe by playing at a safe online casino.

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