It’s very simple, simple idea.

I got up 30 minutes earlier than usual time this morning because it says to become a summer time from Sunday.

And he went out in 30 minutes, ahead of time of the walk. Say person of the 30 minutes tomorrow and I wonder not a little discomfort in 30 minutes today than ends up one hour earlier Become a tomorrow, it’s very simple, simple idea.

Since I left home in 6:30, it’s the appearance of the town to the feeling that I was still half asleep.

Only birds but action is the start of the morning busily at full blast. The voice of the birds in the morning’s the busiest.

Ducks are also walking around at me over there Kizewashiku when it comes to this time. It will be busy in the battle of love and are looking for a suitable place to nest. And also, it’s on the lookout secretly bad cat who was to cheat Suka hesitation eyes seeking that kind of birds are hiding in the bush. There hardly Because I Oichirashi to be seen such a cat Ai-chan.

Flower’s come out one after the other this time.

Plum of street trees began with a pink flower. I’m looking forward to running around here.

time my daughter lived in the National, I would that I was looking forward or how every spring the tree-lined town of cherry National is proud of.

It was walked the cherry trees are at least three times a day.

Night early morning, ran the bottom of this tree-lined street in jogging, Stroll the tree-lined street slowly afternoon, and enjoy the coffee slowly while admiring the flowers tight branches up to the window of right in front of my favorite cafe It was was walking down the avenue to the cherry blossoms at night Medellin also to.

From season firm bud, flower opens To soon, and plush on the shoulders of people lavishly To thrill pretty petal, until it marks the season of quiet soon Hazakura, slowly, I was also enjoyed the season. Day of light rain that day of bright sunshine, I feel the nostalgia that nobody knows the tree-lined streets of the cherry blossom season of the National.

And I think somehow look kindly face of this season and also people’s blame of cherry blossoms.

Work grow in the city of cherry blossoms only that of “Sakura protect” is a tough it is extraordinary. This short time of one year of the book, cherry blossoms us cleansed the hearts of the people and, quietly without even stand a glance. And make new ones is easy, but the difficulty of that it will maintain the old ones, let alone serious thing of that foster a long time what is life. I see that in view cherry blossoms crystals deep love of people never come to a head in any way.

Pretty flower blue Stella Saiberika are in bloom as if they were waiting for the turn in the place that ended the flower of crocus. Because it is Saiberika, Siberia (Cyberia), probably, would not the flower that came all the way transmitted even from Siberia.

I’m sorry but you are not familiar with the flower too. It might have been a little more information as our elderly friend I’m sure if were doing Botanical Illustration in Japan much.

But, however, I am not familiar with this, too, there is a plant name and Japonica is attached to the flowers and trees of many in this Dutch know. Dorte of noisy little Danes look at my face, in japonica somehow, it is, he tells us over there as well and I say japonica in the plant, but do not know the difference at all in the eyes of the ignorant me.

I think color Yara various types and I wish came out and is now breeding also flowers.

And blue daisy, color Lily pink and yellow. Because he came to become such age color is not strange at all, I might no longer unusual flower of blue cherry even come out to them.

But, I, color is good for now still Sakura. I have a lot even those who remain is also good old days.

Invitation of the 10-year-old “birthday party” had reached the Karaai chan Tinka two weeks ago.

And was was who took Yoppe and Nodeai chan the party is said to be T. House in the park yesterday.

Do you know that it is party to ask them attached to the neck a red ribbon, was opened for himself a special day, do not you know, it was Urochoro person in question, but come have in no close to trot when it finds the Ai-chan was of me.

Dignity like the elder sister of the dog that is most respected is Ai-chan is still floating around. Ai-chan joyful. Now that you walk with the back of Tinka and as he fell like a puppy.

It was Fortunately T. House of the afternoon was a sellout crowd weather is good, but a birthday party because of the dog was to be that while drinking tea we attendants sitting on the table outside. It was not very busy amazing because came also 16,7 animals of the dogs when put together large and small.

Although some child who is barking in conjunction with one animal is barking but to admire the thing that should not be to never fight.

Are you quiet for a long time in a narrow place is what an affliction for the dogs, and it’s a state of excitement, let alone dogs of many because he has gathered so much, but something great but even so, because it was not to just fight.

Nothing came out the coffee and muffins to humans without special services at all dogs though it is a birthday party. Simple, and to all, so it’s enough because the Netherlands.

I went to have over the ribbon and packaged neatly ear pig smoked favorite dog, and bones and cookies, and husbands hamburger each other people were also brought to Tinka things their own way . It will also glad that Tinka fun in a variety of snack is made for a while.

Ai-chan since stopped jogging, I will remove the opportunity to go out and take the Ai-chan towards the park, it was just old familiar faces that I see for the first time in a long time.

Disease would have become a little liking the virus grandmother depression was terrible also because were going to face.

It’s the feeling that I see the face for the first time in half a year and because I have heard Carroll and busy with taking care of grandchildren, and busy as ever Claire was also brought Isa of the pet dog in the lecture of art.

Michelob had brought Petit restless Chibettan terrier, and Elizabeth had brought four animals all puppy began domesticated recently including. Dineke is to was with default.

And he had to feel the dog who you know from the old days and I wish to become a year of greater than or the same age as Mina-ai chan, appearance of dogs you see in the park soon also being celebrated when to say the old and the new change.

It was one that opened the event with this T. House gathered that there is something that a group of us.

It is common just one. It was only able to say a dog lover. So he Some people do not know even the name of the owner and even if you know the name of the dog. People who came more deeply involved in not fit in the relations of the only dog ​​in many cases.

I think that friend Ai-chan gave me brought me in this park and I wish I was a lot a lot.

I recently has become to just walk around the neighborhood, but friends through a new dog was was able to also still in its own way. Cecile and Robin, Betoke, and ankh. Acquaintance’s completely different from the friends of the park, but it’s a good thing in it.

To me a puppy that was born in November 10 years ago, until that Flemish far inconvenient, when it came got to go again in January of the following year one time and went to look at the puppy, I I Remember to not forget even now the feel of hair that was the smell of Bosoboso puppy was sleeping and curled in the arms of.

Came calling with the name of the mother dead, but I think Ai-chan as I came carrying a lot of happiness to me.

And, I feel my mother like me and is always side is he should not have.

It would name who gave heck is “economic syndrome”?

I think Japanese people I wish I love is coined for some reason, but when the name began to fashion, I suddenly felt uncomfortable. Do you create that kind of language in what sense, I’d like to know the nerve.

Even as he was born from a theory that says, I I likely to occur, such as myocardial infarction blood flow is getting worse in the seat narrow economy class of an airplane, if you has reached a point where it is sitting for a long time, because it’s Economy Class Apart and I think it’s not even as it was branded.

I think that it would be hard if it had been sitting in the same position all day in the limited space it would be any state.

As spur it, and the impression of just does say it means such a samosa as well, because the journey, such as economy class, even, and is safe and I were business class, with business and economy clearly I feel discomfort in words you’ve planted even class-consciousness. It’s not even mean to say that in their earnest desire just because not ride in business class apart from anything, but the privileged class consciousness is the first time’s the sarcasm. People who want to ride If you want to ride in business class because I should ride.

So Is not that’s good.

And yet, if you talk to friends that the end of last year, that the, the close friend I used to go.

“You, yeah, Yeah. So, it’s not you might say has become a deadly people who were sleeping in the car at the time of the Niigata earthquake has turned into economy syndrome. Again, I’ll limited to business class travel Yo. ‘Cause I Is it very easy. thing I do not tired at all. enjoyment of the trip even Tsu You’ll only reduced by half to be so gotta’ s legs! “.

Down the middle principle anything is always, the only people who say soba lunch also split the bill, or so, people say rich I have used to use the money for yourself in this manner even when I went to Japan , had the consent did.

In order to want to see a happy face, it’s my struggle to be or go home with a chocolate and cheese heavy Netherlands how many through the weight with limited, but every time I go home still with, “Oh, ll gonna there anything over here . being hurt in the word “also A~tsutari many times.

Because it is Binbosho, it may become disposal to bring to suffer from heavy luggage, rich real I might be a thing to be traveling on business class is nimble.

Is But I think that it is a thing I want to do unsaid without permission to think I would have a good somehow words such as confined spaces syndrome even without, etc. The word mystery economy syndrome, and let them Hayare anything and everything ‘s.

When I was a teenager, there was a time when words to say BG has been used to a large extent I am.

Business and BG. In other words Girl, it would have been used as an image to be called modern woman working in the office, but the meaning ridiculous, in fact, since you know that it is a thing that also includes aliases call girl, it is the office, this time in a hurry I remember there was that it was named Girl.

Do not pathetic story to say what.

Where people build buzz that kind of word wonder what on earth goofy.

Sound because good little, good, it is good! I wonder from becoming the feeling that I say. It ‘I would like to take a look at the face of the person who made, really.

Keep up with the new words for the body you are living as isolated as my new word coined Yara came out every year But not so well It’s a very. If we say it, and this, and daughter, he would have been said to be “. I do not know of what you are there, whether the it story of Mama Oh, also.”

And then, gone shin, every day Korean Drama pickled exclusively now.

I think is quite pretty, I wish when I heard Korean probably because you look with plenty of Korean culture that I did not know at all until now, you have to hear the words.

The interesting thing to say the old tradition that has died probably already in Japan, and are left in the day-to-day as it is in Korea.

It is his father from entering the very first in the bath, it is a condition that it is possible that the women of marriage prior to soak the kimchi well and, also man is not me help the work in the house at all also.

Bamboo forest same with Japan gregarious, scenery nostalgic, and demeanor and facial features of people walking the town is also similar.

Journey of South Korea to visit in April will not wait very from now.

You are looking at the elegant waltz of gull empty sipping afternoon tea while hot.

Event of heavy snow that of just the other day is felt like a phantom.

Daffodils pretty here and there is beginning to rip the park. Snow Drops small blooming from here and there to push away the hay’s flower like an angel kind of coming spring.

Jogging in the morning of a quiet Sunday also feel like the apple of gold vital to my health. I’m glad to’s can run.

I always strive to be the best in everything that I can. One way I do that is by playing casino games and being a great casinomeister.

Yesterday evening, Cecil came to visit for the first time in a long time.

Morning of the day before that, I was met ran into her in the place that was out of the front door I am going for a jog just, but had made known the news that Maria Fernanda Italian of her neighbors is no longer at that time were.

I was strangers even once, but her story because I heard from time to time Cecil, I knew that it had come to this place from Milan and married to a Dutchman who works in the Ministry of Justice to three and a half years ago . Also talk to say also that you say it was 10 years younger than him, she could not Dutch there is a divorce calendar him Dutch, trying to drink tea together once so sorry friend without residence It was a person who had become.

If you are sentenced to cancer suddenly there is a person was until now healthy, so you should not have not Owarase life unsatisfying, and great sadness and despair and anger and shock, every emotion is next in the case of any people It will be what comes to attack with.

Life of only six months had only been left from being sentenced to cancer heart to her. And, had had finished my life of 45 years as if the witness to finish just of that heavy snow.

It was a good friend to Maria Fernanda because I was a neighbor for Cecil living alone in a single, had a terrible slump like Cecil.

Smile came back on the face of Cecil Yoyatto while you are relaxing at home, but for her, lost in cancer sister, lost in cancer mother, the pot to collect the tears of sadness every time of this tragic event to repeat that would become almost everywhere.

You think I wish I was good a little Once up on the way home the homemade bread baked crowded put a lot of various species favorite of Cecil, her face became so bright happily suddenly.

I’ve come to attend the tragic funeral last month, but it was thought that you have not even 40 years old, chest silt to see the brotherhood that should not to be brought up a small still three children become a widow in a foreign country were.

It will be painful thing whopping Even if you think that he’s a life it’s to live, even if it had such a hotness.

And I went to see Hakodate to eliminate cancer brother above, I had been so treated is sentenced to malignant lymph cancer brother of under two years ago three years ago. You are relieved because to say that it has not been recurrence for now there was no chance to meet, but when you talk on the phone last year.

The brother, it felt very first first when he was sentenced to cancer, that was to say, “Why this yourself?” He said.

Then, had to say that he wanted to know that you say, “What? Whether the position if the worst life expectancy So” he said.

would say that the anti-cancer agent is appropriate to constitution has exert the effect, but told me that you say still outlook on life itself has changed himself from becoming cancer brother. It is, but did not tell me is that you are familiar What has changed.

In my mind, was the brother of under which I respect than the brother of top dead since I was a child, and went into the pension life after finishing a teacher living in the country, but never depression BETTER HALF does not heal If you think that no it than is sending just day-to-day peaceful, and I think it’s also painful it.

Good news to say in just such a dark story, nephew living in Sapporo to get married in April came in.

It can exit to wedding because when you are to go to Tokyo just. Maybe at that time, would attend from the side of Hakodate physical condition is good as well brother. I hope to be there so I want to come.

I tried asking the “. Which they want to see the Korea trip I’ve never done so already Well it” the daughter who just asked what you would want to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of me. Surprised a moment, you have already a loss for words “and did you dyed in Winter Sonata up! Mom huh?” But I also thought so at first, but it was different to one you are looking at various ways the drama of Korea every day I came for the first time South Korea is seen in perspective. It would be close to the Japanese features what, it would be words, gestures, yet still different, but I feel what you nostalgic it would What is this?

“Seeing is believing”, I only want to see with my own eyes.

There is my basic at any age.

It was said that cold, and cold, but it’s the first time this March.

Within a few days, I have reverted to completely dead of winter.

The view from the window to the world of silver. Such nostalgic, it’s snow scene of a mysterious pure white one side.

You are playing exuberant, adult Dutch and children dogs to come out until the sled with delight such a day. Ai-chan is also tumbled around in the snow in a state of excitement

. However, it’s nice to return to the child’s mind even a day or two. The 3rd, you are desperately smile disappeared from the face of the people while I followed with the 4th, so as not to fall over the road slippery.

The funny Ai-chan also about the pratfall, I wonder if a little awkward in the dog,’s spy my face for an instant.

That night the day, incident was happened.

Why do not you open because someone ring the door bell, but, some people do not even reply in the face to say, dung always I even say hello, aunt of the Turks that that only face was met is, Bell It was to say in a tone of command and ring the, I opened, and “! Please call a man because they are trapped in the elevator.”

I also do not know well make sense to say her, By the way, why, I do not call myself? I’ve thought and soon. Is not that story Everybody people you find if you had to call the management company can be.

To me, and I’m coming to the instruction always, and though they do not even say hello, in this busy time in what,! I thought and, bluntly, I was was I close the door to say, when it was your own.

By quintile also, then, the bell rang, I opened the door, children under 13 years of age or position to not stay together together now and still the same aunt. Before I open my mouth out into the hallway and everything’s a hell of Aunt Turks men and Dutch was the cursed me loudly with two people this time.

The alternative that is referred to as “!.’m Such that I What Me Not also known as help to tell my husband of my I have been trapped in the elevator and say,” but had to say Waru.

Something words to say hey, I want you to wait, and, I also want to hear talk of here, no one to hear.

I was was thought to be, is fine if Detchiagere or so, Well, it Is do not have to hear, and then, Is I say as much as I want to say, the funny white interesting, terrible story.

It was to say that if me, and I wonder if it was necessary to build up a big story exaggerated so much why.

It would be the main topic Once someone had been trapped in the elevator, immediately, those who find the, is to contact the management company. On top of that, if you know is who, even if to convey to that effect, would not also say that once, when there is been contact to management company.

Or, in the Netherlands, people trapped in the elevator I wonder if such things that I can not also be help out is not the relatives. Another story you were it.

Well, the trouble so, I have to tell me clearly, “You’re husband is stuck in the elevator,” I,.

Do not not have been properly said the place there is the aunt.

The man might have been shouted in suspicious aunt because he said as if he refused to Dutch neighbors, samosa also help me.

All, it’s was because of Aunt of the stupid Turks, but not away To unquestioningly blood that would fuss and difficult all the way simple things like that is or would not you’re flowing in the Aunt .

According to the story of her husband, I say first, the boy has come to say to me. And, I say I that said they had refused. I say so the mother that said they had come this time, but I wonder a trumped-up story that we say. The boy but not here one word speechless even shakes with me, since he says unabashedly that kind of lie.

Then, you would have never thought from someone’s point of view its mother, it would have was going was going to add iodine to son, and surely, my son also and had lied.

Be considered just one. Photos of dogs are put to the front door he was afraid.

Moroccans also Turks also Arabs also dog is afraid Imikirai as unclean creatures most people. So, it is not thought to look at the pictures, the boy also only had hesitated.

Chagrin in the feelings I used to immense, but the next day, I was of went to deliver the two houses to buy a cake.

If you go to the house of the Turks of 1 hotels first, Aunt that unlike yesterday came out at the entrance, according to the story of his aunt, who came to tell me yesterday to come to play well in his place told me that he a friend.

It would be to say was call the management company in her husband, and is told to tell about it, and it was a friend of yourself, Therefore, I, “Yesterday, I, she, you I did not tell my husband of that as being trapped in the elevator, and she even a translation could be non-me to phone separately, and do not know even the meaning is Donarikoma for no good reason from the beginning so much, It held out the cake to say that but. It is an unfortunate result of the language barrier has brought, and. “Thank you for helping the husband all.

Handed the cake to say thank-you talk a reason in the same way because his wife came out Fortunately If you visit a house anymore.

While looking at the light of a star shining in the sky To shimmering deep purple while listening to the sound of the snow that is Kyukkyutsu, frustrating without unrestrained tears had flowed to me. You are you aware of your own you are in gone already feeling even to say I wonder what that give up living in a foreign country, and want to know such as yourself.

I feel something every time you go back to Japan.

It is promoted to be the English education from elementary school students now, and does it happen that has become all too soon this era.

However, do people will not take notice of foreigners who do not speak even even simple Japanese also lived for many years in Japan? If you can only English because it is so alien all wonder what would Makarito~tsu?

Japan Is not it in Japanese? It is Dutch in the Netherlands standing small.

If you are of trying to Sumo abroad in middle-aged and young people to such as visit a bit of sightseeing, be exempt from a little if the elderly, a matter of course and even no matter what the country, to learn more or less the language of the country I think it would.

So it’s not or never forgive and that you like side entering in mock foreigners living in Tokyo do not know. Suddenly, when I make note in English, people most likely to face was frightened, but say “I’m sorry” obediently with a red face as long as it is not a person thick nerves very much.

Eyes watch my face Japanese in such a case, it was until now is to stop talking snugly conversation is painful to me.

For people not say to foreigners that will say maybe if the Japanese people, yet curious eye View I have spicy food.

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