It looks like the end is also in February while you say, drats.

It looks like the end is also in February while you say, drats.

I was just glaring at the gray sky and the cold I wish, but it coming dawn of the morning came is earlier.

Sign like fell asleep still crocus flower which bloomed precious leaving the yellow flowers in the chill of the past few weeks to.

Come floating in the head, the song I learned a long time ago in “early spring music”. At all, you got it right the contents of the song.

Daughter living in Tokyo gave me sent me the top and bottom of the jogging suit and pure white in celebration of the sixtieth birthday of me. I was surprised to luggage that arrived from Japan that is unexpected, but I look at the contents, tears had spilled To by ones and twos is my compassion for my daughter.

It was for me sent me looking for what you think is to not even remember such as birthday my husband even, I would be most wanted daughter. Would not also be on hand in any way if your own, pure white suit of stylish colors. I am glad that more than anything is feeling friendly to the health of my daughter to be put in there.

I want to answer to the feelings of a daughter, I’m such thing to say please run a new feeling or so, also, wear this.

Turn of this white jogging suit does not come I have worked in the Netherlands is very cold now. It is a pity it is do I need to do is waiting for the real spring to come for a while.

News say snow is, I he fell in Tokyo came into.

Says Kaori’s told me that he had made a blue bruises in a fall slipped, but that someone is going to work to hide his face does not help but to rest the work of dogs. I think she’s a strange little man.

I was raised looking for houses for rent near because there was contact all the way because you want to live in the neighborhood that I live in when you came transferred to an Netherlands, but emergency, when we live in the same town, never mind It was not a person to talk to open the.

People of roughly I to that you face to face and go out at least occasionally in a location that is fixed at the time decided it and have a dog, but she was a person who does not like things like that.

Friends without necessarily were in other to say or do, no mean there was no shortage of words, during the absence of her husband’s many business trip, and was the one who spends alone most of the time. I have a phone call once in a while, I asked to be or are you what, it was the person to talk very happily. The come out I would invite, but the reverse is little, on the other hand it was acquaintance of way, but if there is something, it was people coming rely me always.

Condition of the dog, which has been loved becomes poor, and take me to the vet’s here and there, I was was accompanied also when I went to get a look at the specialty of veterinary faculty of Utrecht University in the end .

Evening of that day was a blizzard. In town you do not know all of the geography even to me, it’s going to drive earnestly the way you do not know unseen earlier in snowstorm put a dog and she not know what to do it was that serious. The asked for the location in person many times, it’s attached to the small animal specialty of the university campus, which arrived Yoyatto it had had past 6:30 in the evening.

Therefore, we might have been proud little, I had thought that maddening, but she is to he was also teaches English in Japan, English is possible on your own once, but shame on the teachers of the University It was to say that the meaning of the events of Iwantosuru she has not quite through with.

Again, and he had to be explained I have supplemented the status of all dogs.

However, if her, it could have been that in my head that was not a description far from it if I went blank at that dog. I think it’s also something most.

The dog had had finished my life of four and a half years old just two days after that you say cause there was in the brain tumor is congenital.

She was was returned to Japan, and the shepherd puppy of the same breed again one year later.

Mail arrives in spite of acquaintance was that there is a distance in the Netherlands, when it comes to time I come back to Japan, I always want to meet. And there is that you have lunch together outside I met a few times.

She would like a friend relationship with a kind of distance? Or is it I wonder if a natural for her?

Dutch invite to tea at home once if friends. It is something of a very simple only one cookie and coffee. But there is still some distance too.

It probably I will have a distance of human relations. Friend to meet without a distance I wonder have for me?

Even answer I have is, I do not know whether in the same feeling with me really well the other party, but such people of several people me waiting for me at least.

It seems to go survive even this cold when I think of the good old reunion can also smile in April.

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