Hiashi came longer suddenly Once in February.

It is getting brighter at 8 in the morning, and it’s coming soon to end To around 6:00 in the evening.

Oh, it would be the difference to say what. It is a difference of only a few months, but it feels the season that there surely changing.

Mild winter is increased each year in winter in the Netherlands, it has become not seen the figure which people gather in the pond that stretched the ice, such as seen in the painting. Just one day, it seemed to have melted into one of the two dates It thinks ice is stretched or unusual the other day.

Winter fun children that were going to enjoy the skating likely end up with only story in this.

It is spread out in dull gray color only an empty and even now does not change.

I started giving one tablet multivitamin also Ai-chan from a few months ago. Person is like hate the smell, just itself is not reluctant to speak, and he swallows completely fooled when I’ll wrap it in something well. Vitamins to the dog! Would think, but also human dog the same thing. And it was discovered that the coat of Ai-chan has become beautiful than ever before.

I think it as looking more youthful in practice while age to say 9-year-old Ai-chan.

Look at Tinka of 1-year-old difference just the other day, you’ve stunned to decline the first time of the girlfriend, but I will a thing that difference comes out this much in the dog if there are individual differences in humans.

I think Speaking of difference, the movement of the Muslim recent as something amazing.

There is no day when the topic of Muslim is not to climb over the past few years, and more of it is more shocking rather than say that a good topic too. Power of this recent Muslim wonder what on earth a.

For the reasons referred to in the fall Netherlands last year, and made a movie that blasphemes Islam, there was a incident that supervision of young Dutchman made it was shot in Morocco people on the street. Although he had been a result of the Dutch came to set a freedom of speech, even the freedom not help but fall in front of the heathen.

In Amsterdam in January, it resulted that the woman was followed by car Moroccans of duo that stole a motor bike handbags of Dutch women in their 40s, would Hikikoroshi one of them as the I was gone, but it was to say where the police was examined, the young Moroccan people and had just been released by repeating the same thing just the other day. And, that bike was riding that day that was a stolen car of course.

Story is also a complex because I say that it was a demonstration of protest friends and parents of Morocco who were Hikikorosa a son together. Islamic population who complain while keep stealing things of people, towards the sin of his son that said they lighter.

What really sorry it to such person of the Dutch women damage they have caused.

No one issued in the mouth, but it says that time Hotobori has cooled, life of women in the Dutch would be threatened ‘s well-known.

If you have that kind of story, and the story was different again this time, I heard the story of harassment of Muslim again.

The apartment is rented at low interest to Arab people for Amsterdam city is leased, with Some Dutch living from previous happens, or from the difference in the lifestyle of the Muslims, and then shrink back to that make noise, even the middle of the night It was to say where it appealed to the police, Arabs in crowds this time from the next day, and he repeated harassment of surrounds the front of the house of the Dutch.

Problem to the ear wherever you go just talking about this all Muslim. I see that a myself that would be defensive unawares and I even see the Turks and Arabs.

That you carry the identity card to everyone in the Netherlands has been kicked in no obligation from this January, but, unfortunately – it’s hard to understand, among other incidents of many occur frequently this much, it is Muslims and it never The thing that everyone knows that it’s such terms only affirm that it can not. However, I think in the back, and he suffers a head to tyranny of the Muslims frequently this too.

It ‘s certainly the thing what would change the behavior of people Madehito about this. I wonder if religious? And if so, it would a What exactly is religion.

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