Eyes of Ai-chan

It seems that is the season where plum blackmailed before I knew that bear fruit this year. Parrots feral Tweet loudly is flock. I also pick the fruit, such as cherries small. Eyes of Ai-chan that’s looking likely still Machidoshi from under my face. Ai-chan ‘s remember perfectly the taste of this sweet fruit.

I have never seen a Dutchman picking plum and blackmailed. Would not you know that you can eat. I even because of a place that I did not know until a few years ago.

Around the pond sunny became the event of a walk of fun as soon as Ki in no color evening.

It ‘s the other day, but a little unusual people gathered in the park, it was that it is also unusual this.

From what uniform that the gang was wearing was a strange anything, if you look to go to the side a little, as it becomes, the more composed, it is written as “Iga ninja martial arts.” Also why in a place like this is such a thing?

Looking to hear that think so, it’s what the boss said.

Myself that he’s got to tell teacher of Noda in Chiba. Sensei of the Japan was that there’s a person who is working for a fire usually. And closely follow it, you have to put a strange downright costume in the same way also the disciples, and thank You that came back with learning in Chiba Kenpo ninja of Iga 20 years ago also and, although interesting It is a surprise because he is doing such a trout. Figure bow and greet by sitting straight on the lawn also he has become customers fairly.

Everyone was a mixed-gender Dutch just white at all it.

Things that no one be turned around, it seems that becomes the target of a curiosity scent of ethnic or to a place like this in Japan. Why do you want to learn these things? The answer was a breeze and hear the. Told me that he a self-development.

Or so, as it becomes. It’s exactly the same thing my jogging.

Incorporating a new one again to pull down a portion of the park recently.

I had made the slope of the population of concrete children like play with skateboard and bicycle. Because it was not a mix Yara Yara small large, there has become a bustling hangout of children at all times.

Someone is playing always seemed in a rush coming school is finished. You can basking in the sun slowly, I was walking to take a nap on a bench in the park where people anyone come almost hushed without, but it has become not just no way in loudly until now. Weather of the Netherlands’ s, because why the day you do not spend Outside only about enough, the more we will use cede it to the children.

Weather had been kept, but became rain since the beginning of June. The rainy season. . . Or rain such as the rainy season in the Netherlands with no rainy season. I went to the shopping in a local supermarket to refer to large red umbrella logo of the dog food that I got from the pet shop has entered.

There were people of refugees that have played the “dark eyes” accordion and balalaika in front of the supermarket. Refugees from Russia? To say that, you must have people who came escaped Become a likely to be arrested for any suspicion just before communism would collapse, or people came away from Chechnya per that is a problem now probably. You’re playing sometimes come.

Someone is standing in front of the super always, nationality age the color of the skin also it’s different. Some people have a face like tired, some of the young bright smile. I would think every day, such people because that’s waiting at the entrance always wherever you go. Once, life in the refugee camp are guaranteed, and to go to language school but they get kicked in no obligation, and it seems to be made to avoid trouble in the life of the lowest of the day-to-day.

While you not here to work in legitimate recognized, however, from such implications to say adaptation to social life means to support the independence, even those these things also for links with Dutch in a variety of field I’ve heard it’s also is encouraging. And people who gave me a smile for good To smile in front of the supermarket, I have decided to raise € 1 to the person who can you play the music.

Russian folk songs tinged with melancholy through the chilly air Soboruchotto down of rain flows. But, here is a rural town in the Netherlands. Besides, it’s good old song that you know for many years.

On the way back from the supermarket, on the back of my home with a heavy luggage while an umbrella, and movie Doctor. “The theme song of Lara” of Zhivago came hear. This is also nostalgic. Lara lover Jibako recall painful deep in the countryside of Russia daffodils bloom. Intentionally or unintentionally the love of hardship of such parents, daughter was born it was all there to grow in modern Ahoppoi daughter at all. Does it happen that a thing like that and story.

Without any pulse substantially, suddenly, I remembered the town of Sapporo I visited the other day.

When I arrived at the station in Sapporo, I thought, perhaps, mother and Will not come out When you have a phone call.

That good old voice say, “Oh, paddle, Yukiko. The chan? Emi paddle was also arrived? Paddle What together now” he said. The moment you’ve been, if we can dial a number that is Soranji, the voice of that mother and I wonder not you heard perhaps. Moment you wanted to go back in time, perhaps, perhaps, such a miracle might happen.

The absent sign of the station also be varied so much in old days, and what would have changed since then.

You do not meet the other person also was supposed to be promised, “Well then,! I’ll see you again in this next” in the corner of the provincial office before. I remembered her smile toothy of that day when I walked that corner. When parting, much, it will be in the future, and remember every time you stand in that corner, the time with her figure and that was me continues waving much.

While referred to as a “. See you, Well then”, promises with friends many times from now to “see you”, and would be able to run it.

When you come back thinking such a thing, it was morning it was pulled back to reality again in the usual reminder “Mom, lunch!, With early” and of Ai-chan. So I’ll I wish, yeah.

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