A simple pi program

This is pi.c, a simple program for calculating the digits of pi using Machin’s formula. The program supposes use of Linux/gcc on an i386 machine. It uses gcc’s ‘long long’ datatype (integers of 64 bits).

Compile with

cc -o pi -O2 pi.c

The default precision of the calculation is 10,000 digits. Change this by means of the constants MAXSIZE and MAXDIGITS. I once calculated one million digits with it; this took 5 hours on an 800 MHz PC. This program is not particularly fast, but it is (hopefully) easy to understand.

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When I first wrote this for MS-DOS on a 286 in 1989, I had to let it run overnight to get 10,000 digits. On my present computer (5500 BogoMips, and a lot cheaper than the one I had then) it takes less than one second. All hail Moore’s Law!

NOTE: On this site it says that calculating pi to one thousand digits took 40 hours on an Apple II in 1978. The improvement in hardware capability in a quarter-century is really astonishing (the algorithm scales as O(n²)). Of course, software also has improved; now there are algorithms for calculating pi which are many orders of magnitude more efficient than the old Machin algorithm. But at least I can understand Machin. The new stuff is way beyond my understanding!

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